Distinguished Imports Customer Service

In today’s world of automated responses and Byzantine phone menu options we just wanted to take the time to remind you that there are real people on the other side of this website. Either myself or my wife Christine answer each of your emails and return your phone calls.

Our contact information is displayed at the bottom of each email message you receive from us as well as on our Customer Service page.

We work hard to keep our customers happy; without you we wouldn’t be in business!

To all of you that have contacted us over the years – thank you!

Lounging Around in the Titanic Deck Chair

french-line-deck-chair-authentic-modelsOn a deck over looking the water I’ve spent many a lazy summer afternoon lounging in my great aunt’s vintage wooden deck chair. Passed down through the generations this chair was a cherished item in my family.

My father always claimed that she was saved from the Titanic by floating to shore aboard this chair, but even as a kid this story sounded a little far-fetched to me!

There was only one chair however, as these antique wooden deck chairs are a rare find, and so only one lucky person was able to get the best seat on the deck. Now thanks to Authentic Models these vintage wooden deck chairs are available again!
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The First Robin of Spring

Bird Nest – Blue Eggs - painting by Kolene SpicherSpring has officially arrived they say.

I spent a lot of time today gazing out the window into the back yard and imagining the soggy snow replaced by green grass and the singing of cheerful birds.

When I was growing up my mother would always make a big deal about seeing the “first robin of spring”. Seeing that robin was a sign that we’d turned the corner; spring was going to stick around now rather than come and go as it pleased.
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